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Generator began on a United Airlines flight returning from Australia to Detroit back in 1992...

During the flight home, 'Mad' Mike Banks outlines his idea for a distribution collective that he was planning to start. The emphasis would be on underground labels, exclusively from Detroit.

Originally a vehicle for the productions of Oldham's former partner, Pen Jackson and himself, the innovative and graphically-challenging young label soon drew the attention from seasoned early 90's techno icons like Electric Indigo, Dave Clarke, Frankie bones, and Adam X as well as material from other like-minded techno artists like the big Belgian stadium rock-techno sound of X-313's "World Sonik Domination" EP (GEN004); the bangin' acidic techno of Woody McBride's "Transporter" EP (GEN009) and "Pscenic Overlook" EP (GEN017); Dave Clarke's breakbeat rework of "Interferon" (GEN018); the mellow, orchestrated, soulful and adventurously melodic eletronic jazz of Italy's Marco Passarani and Matteo Monteduro with "Space Under Downtown" (GEN012) and "Space Over Uptown" (GEN013); the full, lush, dj-friendly dancefloor drive of M-Chrome's "Cosmic Traveler" EP (GEN019) and Sean Deason's "Plastique" EP (GEN008.5).

Generator also featured some of Oldham's first solo work, the "Liquid Metal Meltdown" 10 inch (GEN002) which is touted as the very first 10" vinyl from a Detroit techno label ever released, and the primitive mid-west hardcore of "Liquid Metal Monster" (GEN016) to name a couple.

The last release was Oldham's first double LP, "Enginefloatreactor" (GEN26) in 1995 signaling a change in musical direction and a birth of a new label, Pure Sonik.

In 2001, a CD project was attempted on Generator and the result: "Generator: Detroit 2002" (GEN027), a compilation comprised of artsts booked for the 2002 DEMF. An import vinyl version of the compilation was release in 2003 by Exacta.udio. Exacta.udio also released a remix of X-313's "Spectra" by Alter Ego in early 2004.

In 2007, Generator is poised to showcase new & top notch output from artists that creatively manipulate electronic dance music.

The world sonik domination continues...



GEN001 · TXC-1 · TXC-1 EP (12") 1992

Inaugural release. All tracks written by Level A and Alan Oldham. "Paris By Air" is a lovely and moody chugger. Pure embodiment of Detroit Techno. Slow jammin' breaks, atmospheric horns, pads and dark, flangy basslines define "Goodbye Katrina". "The Pursuit" delivers frenetic hi-hats and energetic drums dressed with quirky zaps. Tip!


GEN002 · DJ T-1000 · Liquid Metal Meltdown (10") 1993

Solo debut. Builder "Liquid Metal Meltdown" taunts and teases with drumless distorted zaps and claps but when the beat kicks in, watch out! "Hunter/Killer" is a monster with analogue bass riff running all the way through the build up. The mid section wanders off on a long minimal tangent featuring a whining siren sound that's sure to keep you on edge, before finally returning to the original killer riff. Features infamous Juan Atkins soundbite taken from a New Music Seminar panel. Available in black vinyl and as clear vinyl white label.


GEN003 · TXC-2 · 20 Hours To Paradise EP (12") 1993

The TXC-2 (TXC = toxic) EP, a collab between Oldham and Sevy, embodies the sounds of the day, influenced by Inner City, Derrick May/Rhythim Is Rhythim, Chicago House, and even the rare groove of Soul II Soul. It was a new era of musical discovery.

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GEN008 · Various · World Sonik Domination Vol. 1 (2x12"/CD) 1994

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GEN010 · Mind Design · Welcome To Neo - Tokyo EP (12") 1994

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GEN012 · Marco Passarani · Space Over Downtown EP (12") 1994

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GEN013 · Matteo Monteduro · Space Over Uptown EP (12") 1994

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GEN014 · Orietta's Theme w/ Generator Comics · (12"/comicbook) 1994

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GEN015 · Woody McBride & Alan Oldham · Telesender EP (12") 1994

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GEN016 · DJ T-1000 · Liquid Metal Monster (2x12")

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GEN017 · DJ ESP · Pscenic Overlook (2x12") 1995

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GEN018 · Interferon: The Remixes (ft. Woody McBride, Dave Clarke, & Mad Mike) (12") 1995

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GEN019 · M - Chrome · Cosmic Traveler EP (12") 1995

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GEN020 · DJ T-1000 · Liquid Metal Mixdown (12") 1995

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GEN021 · Various · Generator Unreleased EP (12") 1996

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GEN022 · Marco Passarani · 22nd Century (2x12") 1996

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GEN023 · Various · World Sonik Domination Vol. 2 (CD) 1996

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GEN024 · Random Fluctuations · Mode EP (12") 1996

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GEN025 · Alan D. Oldham · Enginefloatreactor (DLP) 1996

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GENPROMO01CD · DJ T-1000 · Super-Collider (CD) 1997

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GEN026/PURE13EP · Various · The Sexy Adventures of Orietta St. Cloud EP (12"/comicbook) 2002

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GEN027CD · Various · Generator: Detroit 2002(CD) 2002

Contributions by various artists celebrating and featured at the DEMF.

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GEN028 · Various · Generator Retrospective Vol. 1 (2x12") 2002

Unreleased. White labels floating around.


GEN029 · Neon Sex Fiend · Elektrofive (12") 2007

Generator returns after an 11 year hiatus with an Alan Oldham produced, Berlin-inspired electro-punk odyssey with Keith Tucker aka DJ K-1 remix, the man behind Aux 88 and new-school wunderkid Mauser contributes a Wax Trax industrial take.

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GEN030 · Mauser · Jack Orchestra (12") 2008

Debut release from Chicago-based Mauser starting off on the future-jazzy-tech tip and delves 3 tracks deep in drum machine kit electro, laid on thick with driving acid territory.

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GEN031 · Various · Generator: Broadcast In Hi-Tech (12") 2010

4-ing it to the floor Chi-D style w/Terrence Dixon, Jamal Moss, DJ T-1000, Obsolete Music Technology (aka Steven Tang), Windimoto + some overseas talanet thrown in to spice it up. Alan Oldham LTD edition artwork, DJAX STYLE. Hand-numbered copies.

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